Collection Save

This API call is used to create or edit Collections within Historypin. Collections are the parent container for Pins, and generally represent a particular theme, place or area of interest that a single person or group of people wish to collaborate around. The same API call is used to create or save a Collection, depending on the parameters used.


To crate a project you access the save.json endpoint without project-path and slug and new_project variable is needed in the post data.

To edit a project it needs project-path or project slug.


Timemap Object*

Owners Array

This is an array of objects. These objects can consists of just a user id.


Premium Features

Here are features for premium projects only

Example Response

    "success"   : true,
    "slug"      : "...",
    "errors"    : []

Response may contain error:

    "slug": "",
    "errors": [
        { "type" : "title", "message"   : "reserved" }