Community Posts

Historypin has a Community Forum where users can discuss the content of their collections and do collaborative research together. The forum software is powered by a project called Discourse, and we have integrated with Discourse to retrieve some basic information as well as to match Discourse categories and topics to Historypin content. Each Historypin Collection has one matching Discourse sub-category (implicitly created only when a user first tries to navigate to it), which we use to organise the user's information. This API call returns the latest posts from the community forum about a given project (collection), assuming that it has already been created.



Example JSON

    "community_url" : "",
    "latest_community_topics": [
            "id"        : 442,
            "posted"    : "said on 14 September",
            "content"   : "This is the discussion category for the project Pubs of London on Historypin ...",
            "url"       : "",
                "url"   : "",
                "title" : "General Discussion"
                "username"  : "Historypin",
                "avatar"    : "",
                "url_user"  : ""