Some Collections (projects) have been configured by their managers to link to an external RSS feed, usually a blog that has some information relevant to the Collection. Some items from these external resources (usually blogs) can be rendered within a Historypin Collection as a "card" in the user interface. This API call returns the content of the RSS feed added to the project (if it exists).



Example RSS JSON{project_slug}/projects/get_rss.json

    "url"           : "",
    "blog_title"    : "Historypin » _howtosICOMOS",
    "title"         : "How to Participate",
    "description"   : "<p>Tell and show us about the places you’ve helped and the work you’ve done! Learn how to upload information and photos.</p> ...",
    "link"          : "",
    "published"     : "11 October 2015"