Bulk Uploaders

The buik uploader interface allows a user to use a batch process to create images, text & media pins using a comma-delimited text (CSV) file. These files are expected to be in a particular field format -- we can give you more details on our current CSV template structure.

NOTE: Each type of bulk upload can upload only one type of data.



Bulk upload for images

Bulk upload for text

Bulk upload for media

Bulk upload for URL images


  1. Choose the correct CSV template that matches the content you are going to upload. Remember, each spreadsheet can upload only one type of data, so fill out as many CSVs as necessary and repeat the following steps. The first line of each template contains instructions and examples for how you can fill out each field.

  2. All pins must go into a collection. Once you've identified a collection that you want to bulk upload into, send an email to hello@historypin.org with a link to your collection(s) and the type(s) of CSV you've filled out. A member of the Historypin team will provide you with the unique link(s) needed to do the upload, which will follow this format:


  1. Once you've obtained the upload link(s), login to your account on Historypin and go to the URL(s)provided and upload.


Q: What if I don't have a particular collection in mind that I want to upload into?

A: We recommend creating a placeholder collection, such as "[My name]'s Collection" and uploading there. If you decide to create another collection down the line, you can always "Repin" bulk uploaded pins into the new collection. If you've uploaded a large number of pins and do not want to repin individually, send us an email at hello@historypin.org and we can move all the pins from your old collection into your new one.

Q: Do I have to fill out all the fields of the spreadsheet?

A: No, only the fields marked with a * are required to map your content on Historypin. However, we encourage you to fill out optional fields such as "Tags" to make your content more discoverable.

Q: I don't have an exact address for some of my pins. What do I use for the lat-long in these cases?

A: An option here is to grab the geographical center of a particular town, city, or region where your pin in located, and making a note that you've used an approximate address in the "Description" section of your pin. You can always go back to your pin after you've bulk uploaded and edit the location, or users can help you suggest a better location using our new location suggestion tools, found on each pin.

Q: I've done the upload and I can see the pins in my collection's gallery, but cannot see the pin icons on the collection's map view.

A: This is probably a caching issue. To fix, click on "Edit Collection" and simply click "Save" without making any changes to refresh the cache, and your pins should now appear on the map view.